South Florida- Real or Movie?


From the old, genteel classic “Flipper,” to the campy “Where the Boys Are,” to HBO’s raucous “Ballers,” South Florida has long been considered an ideal backdrop for film and television productions. While the swaying palm trees, azure blue waters and ridiculously beautiful sunsets make for sublime scenery, is this how people really live in South Florida?


It can’t be that glamorous, can it? Really?

It really can. Surprisingly, the gap between the movie set backdrop and real life isn’t that wide. Palm trees do seem to make their way into every photo, and the beaches really are that stunning. While your average neighbor might not look like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or a scantily-clad model who runs errands in her bikini, the people of South Florida are what make up this vibrant community. And maybe it’s the sea air, or downright contentment, but the people of South Florida exude a movie-star quality all their own.


Like any vacation destination that is also the place you call home, there’s a veritable feast of dining, shopping, and entertainment excursions to indulge in. You’ll never be bored here. South Florida residents call it home for one reason- they absolutely love it. They’ve found a sanctuary they can call their own, where elegance and a carefree spirit combine for optimum living.


When we think of elegance, we think of fulfilled expectations- right down to the last detail. When we think of classic beauty, we think of style that defies time. When we introduce Fort Lauderdale and Miami to our clients, we smile, knowing without a doubt, that whatever movie or television show they’ve seen won’t do this place justice.


We also know that without the people in the picture, it’s just another empty beach, framed by an empty house. The show can’t go on without you. No matter how pristine the beach, or spectacular the house, it’s the people that bring the magic. It’s the people that make the happy ending.

Here’s to your life movie playing out in South Florida.


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