5 Sustainable Yacht Trends for the Environmentally Conscious

Tim Elmes

Looking to buy a yacht but concerned about the environmental impact? There are many sustainable yacht trends emerging. Here are five popular trends that will let you enjoy your time on the water without harming the planet.

(Image credit: https://luxuryactivist.com/luxury/how-the-future-of-yachting-is-changing-sustainable-yacht-trends-2022/)

Hybrid Yachts

Hybrid yachts use both electric battery and engine power to propel through the water. Hybrid yachts reduce the use of fuel-burning engines and generators, minimizing their environmental damage.

Multi-Hull Yachts 

These spacious superyachts or catamarans are light and more efficient than their single-hull counterparts, requiring less energy to run. 

(Image credit: https://luxuryactivist.com/luxury/how-the-future-of-yachting-is-changing-sustainable-yacht-trends-2022/)

Solar Powered Yachts

Solar panels built specifically for use on yachts are a great option as a source of backup power when you’re out on the water. Solar panels act as a way to recharge the boat's batteries and keep your appliances running, all without a noisy gas-powered generator. Today's superyachts are highly efficient and environmentally friendly, and some are entirely fuel-free.

Onboard Kitchen Gardens

Many yachts now boast eco-friendly designs and culinary offerings. An onboard kitchen garden offers a variety of fresh organic produce, giving guests an assortment of tasty and sustainable menu offerings.

(Image credit: https://www.boatinternational.com/yachts/yacht-design/superyacht-gardens)

Yacht Sharing

On average, owners only use their yacht for 4-6 weeks per year. When they are not using the yacht, they are paying large sums on mooring costs and running fees. This emits harmful waste back into oceans all year round! Yacht sharing offers an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution by matching shareholders based on personal usage, desired locations, and yacht preference. 

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy some time on the water that is more environmentally friendly, consider one of these sustainable yacht trends.

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